7 Things About Welsh Corgis You Propaw-bly Didn't Know

In my point of view, It is quite easy to see why Corgi breed has become one of the most popular breeds there day. Why? They’re compact logs of fur with hearts of gold, they are small but mighty, short but fast. What more is there to love?

I have rusted 7 facts about these guys and in this time, trust me you will smile and look at back your corgi after you finished this post


Do you know why people call them is "Corgi" but not the other name like "Cookrgi"? The Corgi name originated from the Welshmen who developed the breed and called them “dwarf dog” due to their stature. In Welsh, “cor” means dwarf and “gi” means dog


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    On our second corgi. Once a corgi owner, always a corgi owner!

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