Step By Step on How To Care for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

When you hear the name “Corgi” you probably picture a small dog with short legs and big ears, but this breed is known to be quite loyal, sturdy, cute and has a rich history. But on the contrary, a corgi is typically independent, stubborn and not as social as other herds. You may need to do a few things to keep this herding type of dog happy and be able to control it. Start learning how to care for corgi puppies, and make your home corgi friendly

Someone asked us "I'm a new owner of a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy, what should I do to keep him to stay healthy?". Well, I hope this guide can help all corgi lovers know more about how to care for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

#1 Make Your Home Ready for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Yes, This is Important)

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"Why is this step important?" 

You need to determine how much freedom you allow your new corgi puppy. Is it to a particular spot in your home, or to a specific room? Will you allow it to roam inside your house, or an outdoor pet for specific hours of the day or night? Regardless of your preference, always keep the Pembroke corgi's comfort and health in mind.

At first, your home is a strange place for the puppy, as he is separated from its mother and other littermates. It is your responsibility to make this transition easy for the corgi puppy.

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#2 Groom a Welsh Corgi

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"If you want success in learning how to care for corgi puppies, means grooming it properly"

Pembroke Welsh corgis naturally have a medium dense double coat, which needs grooming at least every four weeks. During the spring and fall seasons, these are the times when corgi change coats, hence more grooming sessions needed.

Brush its coat to remove extra dead hair. Also, apply skin oil throughout your corgi's coat for that glossy shine. In addition, always check the ears and paws to clear out debris and other foreign materials. Clean the ears with cotton balls and trim the nails.

#3 Vet Visits

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"The corgi needs to visit the vet every year or when certain health conditions arise"

It is recommended to take your new pet to the veterinary clinic in the first few days. Afterward, the corgi needs to visit the vet every year or when certain health conditions arise. It is beneficial to your Pembroke Welsh corgi to have de-worming, vaccinations, and annual examinations.

#4 Exercise (Let's Go To The Dog Park)

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"Let your dog enjoy backyard activities for a couple of hours, leash walks several times a day"

How to care for corgi puppies properly includes daily exercise and stimulation. Let your dog enjoy backyard activities for a couple of hours, leash walks several times a day. In fact, you may allow your Welsh corgi to play with other dogs without a leash.This herding breed also needs obedience training, which you can combine with agility training, flyball games, and search and rescue training. 

If you are not able to accommodate the energy of  Welsh corgis, they can get restless and disruptive. They also have the characteristics to become noisy and bark relentlessly when bored.

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They may be small, but the positive impact they can give to your family is huge. The amount of dedication you give to know how to care for corgi puppies, expect your dog to return it to you tenfold. You will have a lifelong four-legged loyal friend that loves you with everything it has.

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