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Tips To Prevent Your Welsh Corgi From Pulling on Leash

Tips To Prevent Your Welsh Corgi From Pulling on Leash

"I love walking with my Welsh Corgi, but when I tried to have a walk with him, he just pulled from the leash, what should I do to prevent my Welsh Corgi from pulling on the leash?"

We got this and the same question about this from our group( You can join the Corgi Lover group at here). All Corgi Lovers agree that they are small, but they can be quite good at pulling you wherever they feel on the leash. This will make a displeasing walk, especially if you own a Corgi that wants to smell and chase everything from a dried leaf to a squirrel. But don't worry, we are here to solve your problem and help you to get your Corgi walking nicely by your side 

#1 – Attention( Need to practice a lot)

"Welsh Corgi like to pursue small animals and smell everything, that why when you on leash with them, you can be pulled to any direction your Corgi feels like!"

How to stop this? To stop these behaviors, you need to keep him focused on you during a walk by looking at you when you call his name, eye contact without the cue. One more thing important for leash training is Leave it and Drop

You can also try eye contact and practice attention at home with our sock and slippers, 100% handmade from our team,  those are made for everyday wear, giving you comfort and style whether you are lounging around the house with your corgi. They feature bright colors and are washer/dryer safe.


#2 – Don’t Let Pulling Be Reinforced

"If you feel your Corgi start to pull you in one direction, plant your feet and don’t move, waiting until he returns to you"

Don't think they are small and weak, their low center of gravity gives them an edge and they can pull you wherever they feel on the leash. One thing, just make sure your Corgi is not being rewarded for pulling you whenever they on leash. It will get worse if you let him pulls on the leash and get where they want (chase squirrels or greet other dogs at the dog park). If you own a Corgi and them stronger than you, you can turn and walk the opposite direction. Once they are walking next to you nicely, you can turn back and go to the way she wanted to in the first place. I found those methods work really well because dogs, special is Corgi get the rules very quickly.!

We got this Corgi toy simulation, 100% handmade and will help you a lot in practice patience and eye contact 

tips to prevent your corgi from pulling leash

#3 – Reward Correct Position

"Be sure to reward him, whenever your Corgi is calmly walking by your side with a loose leash, or sit down by your command!"

You can even turn this training into a game by trying to move away from your Corgi if he stays with you off-leash in your backyard( or in your house) Start off easy and then increase the difficulty as he learns the game. Just reward anything he like, but mostly is treat. As long as your Corgi like it, they will repeat behaviors that are reinforced, the more you reinforce him for being in that spot, the more he will do it! Simple

You can also check this Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Biscuit Treats, which will help you a lot in making treat to reward dogs in training


#4 – Start Young, But Not Too Young

"When To Start Training A Puppy? What Age Can You Begin?"

From all information I gathered and from many authoritative dog trainers and vet, they recommend you can start training your dog when they get 6 months of age and more


#5 – Self-Control( Need to teach a lot!)

"All dogs, mostly have a strong will and they are intelligent, but with Corgis, they have more than that"

You need to often more intelligent dogs need more of a reason to do what you ask and that is call self-control.Teaching it so your Corgi can make the right decisions - for example, your corgi will stay by your side when on leash instead of chasing squirrels in the dog park, sitting for treat/toy, etc, are good ways to work on self-control! 

corgi lovers


That is 5 tips to prevent your Welsh Corgi from pulling on leash. Hope this small guide will help you a lot when you are in training with them. I will keep update and release more guide for you, remember to subscribe our newsletter and you will never miss any new guide from us! 


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