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Top 4 Best Selling Products For Corgi Owners! (#4 Will Make You Surprise!)

Top 4 Best Selling Products For Corgi Owners! (#4 Will Make You Surprise!)

Best products for corgi under 20$

It's been 2 years since Corgi Lovers created. It was a journey to here, we had met and face with thousands of trouble in hiring a handmade team, thank John and Daisy for keep supporting us, you guys are the best!.

Below is a list of the best selling product for corgi and corgi owners.  If someone asks me: What breed is the best and you will love the most? I will answer them without hesitance. "Corgi"

They are the best breed in this world, and so with their owners! We will go to the

Number 1: The Corgi socks

Number 1: The Crew Socks $7.99

We also have 4 other variants of it: Pug, Doberman, Dachshund, and Husky

Numbers 2: Welsh Corgi Pembroke Plush Toys Simulation

Numbers 2: Corgi Pembroke Plush Toys Simulation 

This toy is a new arrival to our store but had more than 152 Corgi owners bought for their little fur-friend, some also bought this for other corgi lovers! 

Did not stop at that, the handmade team also made 5 more variants, which is: Crown version, standing version, 1 color, 2 colors and 3 colors! You can freely choose what is the best version for you and for your little fur-friend!

Numbers 3: The Corgi pillow

 Numbers 3: The Corgi Pillow $10.99

This was first released in September 2017 and immediately become hot products with more than 202 orders, mostly came from North America. Special is, with more than 12+ variants with multi decoration, you can freely choose what is the best for your pillow!

Numbers 4: Corgi Short Pants ( The Most Surprise )!

Corgi Short Pant

"Honestly, I never knew this funny pant will take part in a top 4 selling for their corgi owners!" John said

This was first released in May 2017, John was the leader of this project! Total for 146 sales come from around the world!

He was playing with his corgi, and then a new idea came to his head. "100% that all corgi owners - even me, will that little butt, so what if I create pant look like this little butt? That will be great!" John remembered 

After a week working with the corgi pant. John sent us the demo! He immediately takes a lot of photos of the product

That's all 4 top best selling products! Let us know what is the best and inspired you the most!

Thank all customer for supporting us!

Happy Shopping with 

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