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5 General Corgi FAQs For New Corgi Owners

5 General Corgi FAQs For New Corgi Owners

So you want to adopt a corgi, huh?

Look, I want you to have a corgi. More than anything. These strange and incredible dogs will bring so much joy and happiness to your life that I feel like everyone should have one. But first, there are quite a few basic things you should know

After that, we’ll get into how and where to get a corgi. And for new corgi owners, some care tips.


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Ok, Here We Go

First:  What is a Corgi?

Corgis, what are they? Those cute little cylindrical fur logs with the big ears you’ve seen all over the internet? most likely. The most common of two types of the world’s greatest breed. They’re one of the oldest breeds around, with the history dating back to 1107! They’re a bit smaller than their cousins in every respect – smaller paws, smaller ears, and they weigh less. Their cousins, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, have impossibly huge ears, dorky smiles, and beautiful colors.

Speaking of colors, here are the different and types you’ll find for each breed

Pembroke Corgi vs Cardigan Corgi




* Pembroke

Red, Tri-color/Black, and Tan, Sable, Fawn (rare)

Sometimes you get ones that are mostly white or have some blue coloring. These are color faults, but they will still be corgis, and that’s still awesome.

** Cardigan

 Brindle, Sable, Red, Black, Blue

All of these colors are stacked on a base of white. Cardis have some of the coolest colors in the canine kingdom. The blues with blue eyes are beautiful!

Specialty corgis: A genetic defect on the Pembroke side has the rare corgi being born with fluffy hair instead of its normal course, water-resistant coat. These insanely cute furballs are called Fluffy Corgis. You will melt when you see your first.

How long does Corgi live? Both breeds live 12-15 years. They’re really alert (big ears), outgoing, talky, and hilarious. There’s nothing else like ‘em.


8 General Corgi FAQs:

1. Do corgis shed?

Hell yeah (sorry). So much. So so much. Corgis are shedding superstars, with fur dropping year round, and an undercoat blowing taking place twice a year on top of that.

Unless you want your home and corgi to look and feel like crap, you’ll need to brush your corgi at least once a week.

2. Do corgis bark?

It’s a dice throw, but like at Las Vegas at a Craps table, the house usually wins. I think there are a couple things working toward corgis being a barky dog. First, they’re a herding breed, so they bark for work, play, and everything else. My experience is that once you get them started, they’re in their element and continue to bark until they feel satisfied. And while less scientific, I like to think of corgis as dogs with Short Man’s Syndrome. They bark like they have something to prove.

Does Corgi Bark?

As always, a proper training regimen will help curb unnecessary barking. Check out this blog post: Welsh Corgi Training – What Works, And What Doesn't for more information

3. Do Corgi bite?

Unfortunately, every dog will bite. But Corgi not like an attack dog or anything. You’ll likely laugh when they bite you with their small mouths and ridiculous tongues. Back to the herding dog thing here. Corgis are effective herders through three of their greatest strengths: barking, ankle nipping, and their ability to roll away when kicked by livestock. All fun and hilarious in my book, but they may not be in yours. Keep that in mind.

Corgi puppies are known to bite. Seriously, watch your ankles. Mine, grown,  still get ballsy and try to herd me sometimes. When kids visit my home, it’s ON. But they’ve never hurt anyone. And, again, proper training will curb this kind of biting.

Does Corgi Bite?

VIA: Instagram

4. Are corgis smart?

I don’t like blanket statements when it comes to dogs. Still, Id boasts that Pembroke Welsh Corgis rank at #11 out of all breeds in The Intelligence of Dogs, a frequently referenced book by psychology professor Stanely Coren. I think they’re brilliant little animals, though I admit to being a bit biased.

VIA: Zimbio

But let’s get real. Dogs vary. I have one that’s annoyingly smart. Appropriately, his name is Einstein. I remember reading Alexandria Horowitz’s excellent book, Inside of a Dog, and thinking of Einstein the whole time, trying to see into his brilliant little brain. But I have another corgi that is as beautiful and graceful as they come, and she is about as smart as a bowl of dog food.

5. Are corgis good with children?

Are Corgis good with children

If you read the above sections and are still reading this, then you’re going to be fine with a corgi. I can’t speak for all corgis, but both of mine are impossibly sweet with children. I think the size works out well for even toddlers to build a puppy friendship.

I’ll again warn that corgis with their herding instinct will want to herd/nip at running children if not trained. I’ve never had an issue, and I don’t think you will either.

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